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Old Sayings #7

Sayings: ...Green with envy or green-eyed monster Usage:  Sarah turned green with envy when she saw Kimie's new red Jeep with a 6" lift. The green-eyed monster hit Mack the moment he saw Jack's new pool table and big screen... Continue Reading →

Old Sayings #6

Sayings: ...Pipe dream Usage:  Building the home I want with both an indoor and outdoor entertaining area is a pipe dream on what I make. Meaning:  a hope or scheme that for that person or others is unattainable. It takes... Continue Reading →

Old Sayings! #5

Sayings: ...Timbuktu Usage:  Jack's house is out someplace in Timbuktu. Meaning:  Timbuktu is a city in Africa. Referring to "as far away as Timbuktu" means someplace really far away, because when we Americans refer to the city, it is rather... Continue Reading →

Old Sayings! #4

Saying: As nervous as a cat in a room full of rockers. Usage: Sara Jane was supposed to stand up in front of her first-grade class and tell them about her favorite letter of the alphabet. As the youngest of... Continue Reading →

Old Sayings! #3

Saying: Madder than a wet hen. Usage:  We got home from school today and discovered a fresh peach pie on the counter. My brother handed me a fork and we dove into the best after school snack ever. We were... Continue Reading →

Old Sayings! #2

Saying:  Can't get off dead center. Usage:  I've given the team all the pros and cons of the two solutions and we've met several times to review the information. I can't get them off dead center. If they don't make... Continue Reading →

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